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Tours (with a silent s) is located on the river Loire in the Centre-Val de Loire region. It lies at the crossroads of the North-South and East-West communication lines of Europe and is only one hour from Paris by high-speed train.


Place Plumerau - Photo by Parsifall

Tours benefits from first rate cultural heritage and the added energy of some 25,000 resident students. Attractions in Tours include the well-preserved historic centre (around the famous place Plumereau and its magnificent half-timbered houses), the fine arts museum, the St-Gatien cathedral and the St Martin basilica, the trade guild heritage, the city parks and gardens, shopping areas, the flavours of the daily markets, the vivacious gastronomy, a lively guinguette café during the warm season...

Tours, city of art and history, is also resolutely turned towards the future. It is increasing the number of its research centres every day, especially medical and pharmaceutical laboratories known throughout the world. It is also home to large companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment; research teams in space development, robotics; services such as insurance groups, all with widespread influence.



Tours city center is fairly small and walking is a nice way to get around.

The bus network in Tours is very good and the new tramway is in service since late 2013.

Cycling is also a good way to see the city. Tours lies at the heart of the "Loire à Velo" project which has made the entire Loire Valley cyclable, and there are numerous bike rental stores.

Public transport in Tours (Fil Bleu)


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